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Thank you Leslie….LOL.

I keep waiting for her to start acting like a boxer, hyper and completely uncontrollable. So far the whole atmosphere in the house is one of an eerie calm. EVERYONE gets along with her. Sam is  a little standoffish, but I think it has more to do with her looks than because she is a dog and he is a cat. My main concern when we agreed to take her was if she was going to attempt to kill the cats. We got her home, took her out of the car and socialized her one dog at a time untill well after midnight. As we introduced her to everyone, Mojo the cat version of satan kept getting closer, closer, a little bit closer, untill she would notice him and then he would jump away like a dumbass. I think he didn’t care that she was a dog, I think he instantly liked her because she too has very little tail.

 Now all of them are in the hallway lying under the cool air sound asleep. Like I said….eerie calm.

Amos especially took an instant liking to her and wanted to play. For a dog that is so old he rarely gets up except to go outside and potty, it was heartwarming.

   She has doggie door issues. Kevin put her through it last night and she looked so bewildered that she had just gone through a door, and the little door within the door closed behind her. HILLARIOUS. She hasn’t pottied in the house and she eats well. She is just a happy dog……Daisy.


A steal…

Posted on: June 25, 2009


Regular price…$29.99

Sale price…..$11.99

  I used a gift card that I got in the mail and paid……$2.14!

When you use what you have (pig shit, loads and loads of pig shit) to fertilize your plants, you may come up with unexpected results. I don’t know what this plant is. At first I thought I had gotten luky because when it first started coming up, it looked like a hollyhock. Now, I can’t tell if it is a pumpkin or a cucumber…..suggestions?

cucumber It’s kind of taking over my little pink petunia….maybe I should move the petunia?

This is even more amazing…..

tomato in petunia

It’s like an inch high!! I’m half afraid to move it because i’ve just now gotten to where I don’t kill half the stuff I try to grow. Hmmm, maybe when it’ quits raining i’ll go out and assess the situation.

Posted on: June 16, 2009


     Dull, drab and boring…..three words that described my living room. I love color and I’ve been asking Kevin for years if we can paint the insides of the house pretty colors. He finally gave in when we went looking for houses and some of them were decorated with georgous color. Um, no a tornado did not go through my living room. I had just pulled off all the pictures and the big shelf  off the walls and put them all around the room. I do not do anything the correct way. I don’t clear out any rooms before I paint, I just move the shit around. :0)


living room after 1

living room after 2


So it’s a start, today the flatscreen goes on the wall and one of the wooden trunk underneath it gets a new home… as in a new area of the house.  When it’s all completely finished it’s going to look so much better.

  I love this kid, but lately he has put into practice his overwhelming gift of gab. In other words, he WILL. NOT. SHUT. UP.  As any parent, I don’t want to discourage my children from expressing themselves but this is ridiculous. I have resorted to acting like i’m paying attention and throwing in the usual “uh huh”, “ok”, “really?” and sometimes will use “that’s nice honey”. I don’t think I’m doing a very good job because he say’s he can tell when i’m not really listening. Apparently I make this FACE.

the FACE

I thought I showed a little more expression!

    So this is the first official day of summer vacation.  Funny thing, there is a chill in the air and I’m huddled under the blankets with a huge cup of coffee (1 cup =1/3 of the pot). It feels more like the first day of fall. The boys are sleeping still, which is good because they probably need their rest. I don’t know who is happier: them for being home, or me for having them back. I’m healing quite nicely and I’m looking forward to not having that pain in my abdomen that makes me such an ugly person.

     My surgery went really well. I actually remained really calm throughout the whole ‘getting ready’ process. Long story short, I was just sure that something was going to go wrong and I was going to kick the bucket. I don’t know why I felt that way it was just stupid.   A long time ago, one of my family members was supposed to go in for a routine procedure and she ended up dying. Her horse died the day before, just dropped dead right there. They said it was a sign and they should have paid attention. Don’t you know I was watching all my animals and making SURE each and every one of them was accounted for and breathing before I left that morning?! Ha Ha.

     I was in and out in about 35 minutes. My doc made about a four inch incision in one of  my old c-section scars (not that I’m going to be showing off my road map belly to anyone) that is currently being held together with steri strips. I couldn’t walk upright for the first two days. I looked like a monkey, hunched over, arms hanging. LOL He took out a section of my abdominal wall when he took out the ‘thing’. Part of the muscle and part of the tendon had to come out with it. They gave me Fentenol (sp?) right after surgery, which sucks. I cried all the way to the car.  For the first 48 hours I couldn’t blow my nose, sneeze, clear my throat, cough, laugh, take an effective dump, anything that required the use of the core muscles.

I’m getting better day by day and i’m looking forward to when i’m all healed and  pain free. Now I can be a good wife and mom instead of being the worlds biggest bitch. Chronic pain SUCKS.

*Kristal, that bag of goodies you dropped off were my saving grace the day after surgery! Thank You!

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